The Things Creditors Cannot Do To You


If you have pending medical bills, credit card bills or other loans with unpaid EMI, it is obvious that the creditor will remind you to pay soon. But, in many cases, the reminder turns bad and it makes it difficult for you to carry on your normal day to day life. The constant calls from creditors, misbehavior and much more, can make you fed up, especially, when you are not able to pay back the money owed. Many people keep blocking the calls as they receive multiple calls in one day and some even live in fear of the phone ringing. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, consulting a bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK is the best option to deal with the situation, but before that, you should know about your rights and the steps you can take against the creditors in such cases.

Your Rights

The United States of America has quite protective rules for their citizens and bankruptcy is no exception. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law and according to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, it is completely illegal for the creditors to practice anything that can leave a bad impact on the lender. These deceptive practices are also highly avoidable. Violating these laws, along with other customer protection laws, can make the creditor liable to the courts. Most people do not know about these laws and that makes them tolerate all of the illegal acts performed by creditors.


Here is some of the information you need to know to save yourself from any such problems.

  1. The creditors, by no means, can contact any third party about your owed debt. If you hire a bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK, they can contact them on your behalf.

  2. They should not leave any voicemails. This violation of the FDCPA will be charged against them if you share this fact with your attorney.

  3. Creditors cannot call you when you are at work if you tell not to do so. The disturbance will be charged under the law.

  4. Unless you agree on the point, the creditors cannot call you before 8:00 am and after 9:00 pm.

  5. Without your signature, they cannot proceed with any legal action against you. Hence, don’t sign any document without consulting your bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK.


Also, there are many activities that the creditors cannot perform. Knowing these will help you act against them:

  • They cannot add any extra charge on your debt that was not illustrated to you.

  • They cannot threaten to pick your property or actually do it.

  • Constant calls are not allowed.

  • They cannot be abusive.

  • They cannot allow any third party to threaten you on their behalf.

  • The amount cannot be increased to add extra pressure on you.

  • The fake threat of legal action is not allowed.

You can get more information to fight this situation from the bankruptcy attorney in Edmond, OK. Chris Mudd & Associates is a reputable law firm where experienced lawyers are there to help people with debt related trouble. Feel free to contact them as soon as possible.

** Disclaimer: This blog post does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create a client-attorney relationship.