Debt and the IRS – Things to Remember


Nobody wants taxes to be filed. If you're among the millions of other Americans that have to pay extra taxes every year, and the work to file taxes, you probably don't really like taxes. With back taxes, you probably can't pay all this right away when you get struck with a heavy tax bill. It's not possible for most Americans. This raises the question as to the amount of the taxes you owe and how long you will owe this tax debt forever.

Happily, there is indeed a statute of limitations on IRS debt against a popular misconception. A limitation statute is a state government or federal legislation that sets a particular deadline for how long you can attempt to collect a debt. The limitation period for IRS debt collection is 10 years. There are certain exceptions to this rule, as with most things.

When tax is appraised, the limitation law starts to apply. Taxes are evaluated when an official of the IRS signs a form that indicates the amount of tax you owe. This is after your taxes have been filed, but you do not pay the total sum you owe. The date signed by the IRS representative on this form is the official date from which the ten-year statute starts to apply.

IRS Notice

More individuals are in more difficulty than ever, as they disregard those IRS notices produced by computers. Certain IRS notifications are forwarded by licensed mail. If you believe that by not going to the post office to collect those notices, you are safe; you are wrong. Every time, the IRS wants answers.

IRS Explanation

The IRS publication entitles you to be represented and to receive competent and courteous treatment and was updated in 2015, entitled "The IRS Collection Process". You can stop the interview and request to talk to a manager if you do not like the manner you are handled.


Talk to an Expert

This is perhaps the best hour in a long time you've spent. The tax specialist will inform you how to prepare and perform your own collection interview and when the IRS Revenue Officer is trying to use it. You must always remember that collecting funds is the task of the IRS officer.

Never Try Alone

Interviews in IRS collection are not a picnic and representation should be provided. Opportunities are that you will achieve much better outcomes with your representation.

Unfailing IRS

The General Accounting Office lately "audited" the IRS and it would appear that it requires some cleanliness for the IRS itself. The IRS often cannot monitor how much you owe, particularly when you pay regularly. The IRS errs, so be sure to double check with someone who is on your side.

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