Don’t Let Your Creditors Harass You Beyond Bankruptcy Filing


When it becomes difficult for people to repay creditors loans, they apply for bankruptcy. After discussing with their lawyer, they choose the most suitable one for their application. According to the rules, right after bankruptcy is filed and issued, creditors should stop bothering the borrower. Unfortunately, in many cases, people continue to suffer from the creditor’s harassment.

If you are suffering from such harassments from the creditors, you should call your bankruptcy lawyer in OKC to know your legal rights and take a step against them.

The Automatic Stay

Right after you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. According to this rule, the creditors cannot call you directly about debts after your bankruptcy filing. It is there to handle such a situation where the borrower becomes fed up with the creditors’ calls, letters, emails etc.

Their contact is illegal. Unless the creditor has not upgraded their database in regards to your bankruptcy filing, they might call you without knowing your current financial state, but it is illegal for them to do so. Desperate creditors may just disregard the law and continue to harass you anyway.

If this is your scenario and you live in OKC, you should immediately take action against the creditors and for that, you need to discuss it with your bankruptcy lawyer in OKC.


How to Stop It

You don’t have to listen to all of those harassments from your creditors. You have already applied for bankruptcy, why should you tolerate the illegal pressure from your creditors? Your bankruptcy lawyer in OKC may explain the matter better, however; here are some tips about it.

  1. You need to talk to the creditors directly. Avoiding is not a solution. You should notify them that you have already filed for bankruptcy. They should stop harassing you once they become aware of the fact.

  2. Keep a record of the calls and all conversation with your creditors. These can be presented as strong evidence if you have to take the case to court.

  3. It is very important to get an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in OKC to understand your case and stand with you. The lawyer should be well acquainted with the state laws, all the regulations and the limitations of bankruptcy law.

  4. If you continue to face problems even after notifying them about your bankruptcy status, it’s time to take the creditors to court. You can sue them for harassment and emotional sufferings.

As you shouldn’t leave such sensitive cases to any novice lawyer. You should come to us at Chris Mudd and Associates. We are a group of proficient lawyers and our worthy advice will help you deal with such a situation in the right way.