Three Signs That Indicate Filing for Bankruptcy Is the Best Option


The term bankruptcy refers to the state of fiscal crisis when a debtor, whether an individual or a group, is unable to repay outstanding debts. The process of bankruptcy starts with the filing of a petition by the debtor, or it can also be filed on behalf of the creditors. Bankruptcy is undoubtedly the last resort when you fail to manage your finances, but it is also evident that filing for it can help you feel relieved of worries.

Bankruptcy can be the best way to steer your ship through troubled waters, and all you need is to get the right things done at just the right time. It can be difficult to file a petition for bankruptcy, so to avoid hassles, one should follow the right course of action. Once you get relieved of all your debt burdens, then you can easily score better on credit values. Thus, bankruptcy can not just provide you peace of mind, but it also paves the way for better business prospects.

Now the question arises, how to file for bankruptcy in Oklahoma? The first step is to untangle any confusion you may feel about the process. To do this, read through the points below before filing for bankruptcy, as these will help you make a better call to strengthen your present situation and save your future. Following are three signs that indicate filling for bankruptcy is the best option for you:

If you are using a credit card to pay for the basic necessities of life.

Most people pay for their minimum necessities like groceries, electricity, water and cooking gas with cash. So, if you are in a situation where you don’t have cash to pay for all these services, then this indicates you need to file a petition for bankruptcy. Using a credit card for all payments because you do not have the cash means you no longer have healthy monetary balances.

If it is becoming harder to pay off your debts and bills.

A perfect financial life requires a balance between income and expenditure. It is okay to obtain money by taking out loans, especially when you are running short of finances. However, if you cannot repay the debts, or if there seem to be no options to repay the debts and bills, then you should certainly think about filing for bankruptcy. Money lenders can offer you several modes of payment like partial payment or long-term payments to pay off the debt in chunks. But if after a series of delayed payments you feel it is too difficult to relieve yourself of the burden, then you should consult an attorney as soon as possible.

If you are stressed out by financial issues.

Failure in life and business can leave you distressed. An economic crisis is the most dreaded cause of stress and demotivation among entrepreneurs. It is quite easy to get trapped in the vicious circle of debt, but it is difficult to get out of it. Debtors who strive to repay outstanding liabilities with small incomes generally fail to repay the giant debts. Consequently, their morale goes to pieces, leaving them in despair.

To overcome these situations, experts in the field of financial management suggest consulting a bankruptcy attorney. A good attorney who specializes in bankruptcy can help you understand how to file for bankruptcy in Oklahoma and get through the process smoothly. Moreover, having an idea about the rules and proceedings will help you reap fruitful results.


** Disclaimer: This blog post does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create a client-attorney relationship.