Chapter 7 


Are your debts spiraling out of control?

It happens, we get it. An accident, illness or injury and even the loss of a job can have your debts over your head in no time. Bankruptcy feels like an overwhelming sentence, it turns out it's more common than you'd think. When you work with us, we lay it all out for you, plain and simple, we give you the options you need, so you can keep what's important to you, safe. If you find yourself suffocating under a mound of heavy debt, know that relief is just a call away.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Isn't as Bad on Your Credit Rating as You May Think

Provided you are careful with your finances after having your debts discharged under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy code, your credit may be spared from suffering. In fact, you may even be able to begin re-establishing a positive credit rating almost right away. Be sure to speak with our experienced attorneys about all of your options prior to committing to a final decision.

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The Highs and Lows of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

• No repayment plan
• Most debts discharged, wipes your slate clean
• Does not stop foreclosure
• Does not avoid repossession
• Property may be subject to liens
• Only exempt property may be kept, remainder is liquidated
• May result in loss of property


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